In addition to world-class turnaround services, SAK provides ongoing consultation and direct support in the areas of Psychosocial Services, Nursing Services, Resident Activities, Psychological Care, Social Services, Fiscal Control, and Financial oversight. A number of facilities in several states have called upon our expertise.

SAK's greatest strengths lie in the quality and dedication of its associates, whose "hands on style” is especially geared to all sizes of facilities, where personal involvement is an essential ingredient in motivating and leading staff to higher levels of performance. Our team, by virtue of its past performance, has established its ability and readiness to take on and successfully address problems of long-term facilities.

As an added benefit, SAK has access to and extensive network of professional alliance associates who remain positioned to support and augment, principally on a contract basis, specific engagement needs as circumstances warrant. Our health care professionals represent a wide array of disciplines and have enjoyed longstanding service relationships with SAK.

Contact SAK Management Services, LLC today to secure the professional consulting services of industry experts with specific knowledge and experience in the various fields that impact your facility.