Census Development

Why is occupancy at your facility declining? The answer could be any one of a number of answers or a combination of several. Regardless, census development is an indispensable part of facility management.

To SAK; census development includes both increasing occupancy and improving the resident payor mix, to which it has developed both internal and external programs. SAK Management Services, LLC's services are designed to address census development, which includes enhancing staff skills with training in guest relations, sensitivity workshops, interaction and image creations.

In order to upgrade the standard of life for residents and the level of services provided in the facility, SAK works aggressively with Medicaid programs, hospitals, discharge planners, physicians' groups, managed care plans, social workers, and case managers. Through a renewed commitment to elevating care and services SAK's census development programs result in enhanced facility image, reputation and recognition, which results in increased referrals.

Whether you require full census development programs or occupancy stabilization, contact SAK Management Services, LLC to receive the services that meet the needs of your facility. We are the turnaround specialists!