Fiscal Control

The ability to manage finance and personnel issues is pivotal to the survival of any care facility. The SAK Management Services, LLC team includes experienced administrators, managers, accountants and owners with the knowledge and expertise needed to improve a facility's bottom line.

The Financial Services we provide serve as reporting tools, which enables owners, investors, the courts or other interested parties to monitor the current fiscal status of a facility. The same programs are designed for use as management tools to guide ongoing improvements.

  • SAK maximizes facility income by impacting on and working with:
    • State Medicaid systems, enabling each resident to benefit from the optimal Medicare reimbursement.
    • Meeting managed care expectations with utilization at a fair and compensatory rate.
    • Realistic budgets and controlling budgetary performance, asset management and cash flow management.
  • SAK negotiates favorable payment terms with vendors.
  • SAK oversees all financial decision-making at the facility level and provides monthly, quarterly and annual accounting and reporting to clients.
  • SAK's ability to train and retain quality staff allows for a more sensible use of facility dollars. We provide staff with the training they need to run the financial side of a facility - placing emphasis on …
    • Cost Control,
    • Third Party Reimbursement,
    • Resident Trust Funds,
    • Human Resource Management,
    • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, Proficiency
    • Insurance
    • Cost Report Preparation
    • Unemployment Insurance and Workers Compensation Training to Monitor, Educate and Control Costs and provide a safe environment for staff (Risk Management)
    • Employer and General Tax Returns,
    • Risk Management and Payroll Preparation.

    Contact SAK Management Services, LLC now and have the fiscal control programs and other services in place at your health care facility that will bring it back from the brink. SAK Management - we are the Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facility turnaround specialists.