Resident Care

Regardless of the facility and its condition, financial or otherwise, SAK Management Services, LLC believes it is incumbent upon the staff to continue offering patients and residents the highest possible level of care. The programs implemented by SAK Management Services, LLC upon taking on ownership, management or court-appointed control of a facility address a number of variables that impact the overall care experience.

SAK believes it is the facility's responsibility to ensure that each resident functions at his/her maximum ability. SAK designs and implements routine, and restorative and rehabilitative programs with three goals:

  • keep residents functioning at their maximum capability
  • easy for staff to understand and execute
  • deliver care at the lowest possible cost

Residents should enjoy a fulfilling dining experience that includes nutritious and appealing meals in a positive environment; SAK's dining programs achieve these goals. Our dieticians train staff to meet each resident's medically prescribed diet and special preferences by creating tastefully satisfying meals.

Social Service
The social service department must be a resource for the resident, the resident’s family, the facility and the community where the facility is located. SAK’s Social Service programs include counseling for residents, their family and advance directives. Assistance with financial planning, obtaining Medicaid eligibility and assistance in interacting with managed care providers enable residents to gain access to programs that enhance their quality of life. In the event discharge to one's home or a lower level of care is feasible, SAK’s Social Service programs begin the planning and preparation for discharge upon admission, making the discharge process easier for both resident and family.

Psychosocial Programs
The most challenging residents in continuum of care environments are those with permanent cognitive deficits, and inadequate staff training prevents effective progress with these residents. That failure reflects both in the resident's quality of life, and in regulatory deficiencies. SAK implements programs to assist residents to realize their full potential. These programs combine staff training efforts that concentrate on understanding cognitive deficits, connecting with patients who have such deficits, and helping residents with their environment and health issues.

SAK believes a vigorous and creative activity program is essential to the quality of life for residents. SAK develops diverse programs that deliver entertaining and educational variety, which keep residents involved in the world around them, while enhancing a resident's self image and producing a more satisfying quality of life.

These are but a few examples of Resident Care initiatives SAK Management implements upon its involvement in the operation and management of a health care facility. Contact SAK Management Services, LLC today for a complete understanding of how our programs and services can engage and uplift residents. We are the turnaround specialists.