Clinical Staff Training

SAK Management Services, LLC believes a successful health care facility must employ a competent and caring staff. The impact that a respected team of nurses and care professionals has on residents reflects directly on the facility's occupancy as well as its bottom line.

When SAK Management Services, LLC becomes involved at a health care facility, whether as owner, manager, court-appointed receiver or in any other capacity, one of its first tasks is to study staffing levels and patient care to determine if improvements must be made, and how those improvements can be achieved. Here's how SAK achieves results:

  • FIRST, our personnel have experience supervising care at all levels in the continuum from sub-acute to supportive living services … in short, we know what we're doing.
  • Our staff provides clinical training in recognizing and assessing each resident’s nursing needs with the aim of providing the highest quality of life at the highest practicable level.
  • We emphasize team training solutions, and work concepts that focus on:
    • Activities of Daily Living
    • Clinical Assessment and Infection Control
    • Continuous Quality Improvement
    • Care planning/MDS
    • Charting to Assure Reimbursement
    • Therapeutic Intervenous Training (IV Training)
    • Memory Enhancement Programs
    • Enteral Feeding Education
    • Medicare Management
    • Resident and Family Interaction
    • Wound Prevention Program

Our team training assures excellent daily care, but reduces staff call-ins, decreases or eliminates the need for expensive agency personnel, and creates comprehensive regulatory compliance for our residents. Most importantly, nothing enhances a health care facility's reputation and standing in its community like top-notch resident care. For a full understanding of the services and programs SAK Management Services, LLC employs to assure a facility's staff is properly trained, equipped and motivated to provide only the highest levels of resident care contact us right now. SAK Management Services, LLC ... we are the turnaround specialists.

SAK Management Services, LLC specializes in operating distressed nursing facilities that require strategic re-direction and turnaround management services. With a broad background in Nursing Facilities, Independent Living Facilities, Congregate Living Facilities, Supportive Care Living Facilities and Assisted Living Facilities, our dynamic team provides leadership capabilities in the Seniors Housing & Care Industry.

SAK Management Services, LLC implements management strategies, training schedules, staffing solutions fiscal responsibility with efficiencies and other programs that result in facility turnaround with a proven record of success. We offer proven proficiency in maximizing financial return and cash flow, while maintaining the highest standards of quality care. It's our aim and purpose is to improve the financial performance of the facilities while maintaining the highest practical levels of care and service to the residents.

For strategic redirection strategies that provide proven results, contact SAK Management Services, LLC today. You can count on the turnaround specialists to bring your health care facility back from the brink of financial failure and to save poorly performing facilities from potential closure.