Tucson, Arizona

This 256 SNF was on Probation with the State regulatory agency at the time of SAK's engagement. A front page article in the local newspaper had reported abusive treatment and substandard care. A dramatic improvement of quality of care was established within 90 days of SAK's arrival, and within the first year of operation under SAK the facility received a zero deficiency rating from government agencies overseeing resident care.

The quality rating established by the State of Arizona improved within 6 months. SAK renegotiated new managed care contracts and received higher reimbursements based on the improved level of care. Occupancy rose at least 50% within the first 3 months, and Medicare certification for an additional 12 beds was implemented. SAK established and monitored charge accuracy for therapy and ancillary revenue, appropriate mark-ups and inventory accounting, and established a Utilization Review Program to move residents from one level of care to another in a cost-efficient and quality process.

Budgetary compliance was established; contract nursing costs represented $60,000 a month, but within three months contract nursing was eliminated as a result of employee motivation, improved relations through leadership, and implementation of incentive and benefit programs.

The independent living facility began to attract seniors from the community, their children and other geriatric professionals. Wellness Programs and Community Resource Programs were established. The Assisted Living Program was launched with personal care services offered to residents already in the independent community, as well as a new unit established for residents needing extra services. Census increased by 50%-90% within 4 months and application for the State licensed Supportive Living Designation (SRL) was activated.

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